Money Back Gurantee

Our Promise

Why do I have to pay twice? / What are my SAVINGS?

You are only paying us for subscribing towards the platform, thereby for us to run the platform, which is a very minimal fee that we charge. We charge you only anywhere between $12/month (If Ultimate plan) to only 33/month (if 3 month plan) for our services.

You pay for your product directly to vendor that you choose to work with.


Your savings are IMMENSE now. Each product that costed you anywhere above $2.00 per tab, will cost you only in Cents now.

In fact, we have a Maximum cap on prices of all products supported by vendors (brand products not included), capped at $0.50 Per tab, thereby no vendor can increase their prices above the capped price for any product what so ever.

Since, the vendors do not know each other, they can in fact not work in group or form a unionised approach towards pricing, thereby each vendor would like to give you his best rate to get your order, which can be upto 10x times lower then what you got online UNTIL NOW.

What costed you $2.00 per tab may only cost you $0.18 per tab now.

The query that you submit is passed on to multiple health care providers. The sale of health care products is governed by various laws, which necessitate that the sale be carried on only by a health care provider having a valid license. Hence, as per these laws – your query is passed on to these health care providers, who will verify its authenticity, and based on the same – provide health products to you.


What sort of choices do I have in choosing my vendor/provider?

From here on you will no longer be held hostage to the online service provider:
On our platform you can make a choice from various vendors for your products.It is entirely left in your discretion to choose any supplier from the ones who have replied back to your order query after understanding their price per tab, shipping time frame, mode of payment etc.


Is my product delivery Guaranteed?

Yes, your product delivery is guaranteed by us, if you do not receive your product for any reason where supplier is at fault, you will receive a 100% refund on your subscription pack you subscribed for.


Do I have a choice of choosing which GENERIC or BRAND products do I want to buy?

Yes absolutely you do. Since you will have option of choosing your vendor, thereby you definitely have the option of choosing not alone the price but as well as which generic or the brand version of the product you would like to receive.