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What Do We Provide

We at Your Health Care Services have overhauled the way you purchase your health care products forever.

If your answer to the above queries is NOT IN YOUR FAVOR, then you have arrived at the right place.

Now CUT YOUR COST for your desired health products to an average of $0.35/Pill (Generics)*

  • The subscription based Lead Generation Platform model of YourHealthcare services is here to assist you in finding the best Health Care Products Provider to fulfill your needs.
  • We provide you a DIRECT gateway to choose the licensed providers you wish to buy your products, from a pool of authenticated international brick and mortar health care providers that are now only a few clicks away from you.
  • This is just before You are no longer going to be blackmailed by the exorbitant prices that they quote.
  • Neither you have to wait for months to receive delivery of the health product you purchased, it’s now at your discretion to choose the shipping carrier and the time of delivery.

And what’s more, the delivery of your Product to your door step by the vendor of your choice is guaranteed by us.


3 Months
6 Months
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Our Promise to you:

  • Health care products at as low as $0.04/per pill..
  • All international health care providers who are enrolled under our program are verified by us for appropriate licenses, there by their genuineness is thoroughly validated before they can start receiving order queries from your end.
  • Delivery of your health product is guaranteed by us. For more, you may visit our refund policy page.
  • Your privacy is our first priority. For more read our Privacy policy.


$0.35/Pill or $0.04/Pill* – The $0.35/Pill average or $0.04/Pill mentioned throughout the website is for most generic versions of all types of products after taking an average.

While this is the most common average pricing taken for most of the products, there is a possibility that some generic products may cost you much more than $0.35/Pill as well as this does not reflect the pricing for Brand version of the products.

While the maximum price for any product has been capped at $0.5/Pill, this does not reflect the pricing for Brand version of the products.